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Sunday, March 30, 2008

cool art tools for cadets.
i thought some of you might appreciate some cool art tools we found online.

web-based graphic design suite
the first is aviary, a new web-based suite of graphic design tools. right now they only have an image editor called phoenix (think photoshop online) and a pattern generator called peacock (for all of your digital texture and psychedelic-art needs). they're also eventually going to have font editors, vector editors, 3d mappers, video editors, terrain generators, and even music and audio editors! all of the tools are named after birds, and we like birds.

the goal is for these not to be silly internet apps, but fully-functioning applications for serious business. i have used phoenix and peacock, and they're pretty fun. they have some neat features, like tracking all sources that you use for your art, and all derivatives made from your art. you can download the images you create, or share them directly from aviary's webspace.

it's currently in its beta phase, but we have an account if you want to try it. make sure you have the latest flash!


hover for login info.

effortlessly spirit away webmedia
if it's on the internet, you can steal it. some times more easily than other times. here is a quick way to download anything you hear on myspaceship or anything you see on youtubes.

file2hd.com will allow you to download any song a band offers you to hear on their myspace in mp3 format. simple. just give the url. this probably also works with videos and other media from any website you can think of, unless if it's deeply entrenched in flash or something.

vixy.net will allow you to grab any video from youtube, and also offers you the opportunity to only grab an mp3 from a video (if you only are looking for a song for example, or sound effects).

I hope some of you can put these useful tools to use! See you soon.