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Saturday, March 29, 2008

this news is news.
Hello! We're quite busy around here, trying to fix things up and keep it fresh and interesting. We're doing a few changes on the website, and working on a backlog of (oh horrors!) administrative work. Here are some issues at hand.

ONE! ~ NEWS We now have, well, a NEWS page. Any big updates or small relevant things will end up here. Check it out from time to time.

TWO! ~ HELP WANTED Art Party seeks dedicated intern, workstudy, or fulltime internaut. If you have some spare time and want to be more involved in the Party, contact us. It's sometimes difficult to run everything with the limited staff-to-member ratio. If you want to help out with the website, with membership dealings, or with some brainstorming, please contact us, I say! We REALLY would like that. Any ideas at all are always welcome.

THREE! ~ ART PAGE Our ART page is finally all back up on our site! You still have your own individual blog, but it all funnels into our site right here. Do you like it? Comments, questions? If you forgot how to post, please get in touch with us. It's easy. We want to see your art! And sorry about the whole Y! Alert thing, and then the whole "pipes" thing. We only got this back together due to an anonymous PHP-coding donation.

FOUR! ~ EVENTS PAGE Our EVENTS page has been updated, with a list of past Art Parties, and a sneak peak at some upcoming events at Py's Makeout Club in New Orleans. If you have an event you want to schedule with us, contact us please. We'll work with you. Event updates will probably also happen here on the news page.

FIVE! ~ NEW MEMBERS We swear that we're making your blogs and forum access accounts. Once we can steal computers, printers, and straight-edge cutters again, we'll probably get you your membership cards too. Hang on in there. We won't forget.

That's all for right now. Please tell us what y'all are thinking. We love hearing from you.