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Monday, August 11, 2008

oh summer! the season where one naps endlessly, climbs trees, floats down rivers, and when the crustpunks migrate north for cooler climes. a time for rest.

we hope you've been doing well. we're kind of in a muddle right here, trying to figure out what direction will be best. everyone is full of tasks. we hope to get on rail back again soon.

in the meanwhile, i'd like to tell you about a new project we have going in new orleans. it's not all that artistic in its current phase, but will get to be that way soon! i'd like to introduce the NOLACYCLE bicycle mapping project. we're mapping the entire city of new orleans to discover and record its bicyclability. not only is it fun, didactic, and chummy, but it's also wonderfully practical and useful, too.

click here to go to the official site!

right now we are doing the actual bike-mapping: we're riding up and down EVERY street in new orleans. after that we'll assemble the actual map via illustrator and (possibly) some GIS (geographic information system) software, discuss grants and funding possibilities, have these maps printed, and distribute them to the city!

it all sounds very nice. if you live in new orleans and love to bike JOIN US!